Chaoyue Zhang

Campus Library

JIT  2015  Spring Foundation Studio III 

Instructor: Shaofeng Ge

Site: Suzhou, China
Architecture Design

Individual Work


A full campus needs penetration of space and new public experience, which is the origin of this library. The new construction is lifted up from the ground, giving the ground floor back to the public as continuous landscape and shortening students' route through the site. Continuous formation and slope roof allow people to reach the top-roof and have a fresh perspective on the campus. The ground and the roof turn into a uniformed landscape, creating more common space for users. Besides, the cantilevered space changes the previous library's inherent calm spatial quality and increases the vitality of the campus.

Slidable grille design is inspired by ancient Chinese casement which can be changed adapting to various climate. In this design, the arrangement of different size and combination of grille meet the requirement of different programs in the library. With the diversification of interiors programs as well as weather, the exterior appearance will change accordingly.